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News Zanzibar Research Agenda 2015 – 2020

The Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar (RGoZ) is cognizant of the pivotal role of research in socio-economic development and human well being. The application of credible research findings generates innovation and subsequently wealth intended to realize socio-economic development of the Zanzibar society. The RGoZ has committed to harnessing the benefits of research and innovation using a people-centered, enabling environment, development agenda approach to ensure attainment of the Zanzibar Development Vision 2020.

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Release date 19/10/2015
Geographical coverage Tanzania,
Keywords Biodiversity, Environment,

Major developments in various sectors are likely to present both opportunities and challenges in the overall development of Tanzania. It is becoming increasingly apparent that well-targeted and good quality research which addresses sectoral challenges is needed to inform policy and decision-making processes for sustainable development. Research plays a very crucial role in the socio-economic development of any society. It can lead to the improvement of the quality of people’s lives e.g. by increasing life expectancy, enhancing agricultural productivity in critical productive sectors of the economy for improved livelihoods and food security, and developing technologies that would simplify people’s lives. The contribution of research in development cannot be over emphasized. At the institutional level, research can bring about product innovations and improvement, improved performance in product marketing and increased service efficiency and effectiveness. For more detailed information, follow the link above.