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HTML Document Ministry of Lands

The Role played by the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Human Settlement Development in Tanzania Clearing House Mechanism.

Release date 25/04/2016
Geographical coverage Tanzania,
Keywords Land,Housing and Human Settlement Development,

Functions of the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Human Settement Development

  • Formulate national policies, strategies and programmes on lands, housing and human settlement development sectors.
  • Initiate, review and make amendments to existing legislation on lands, housing and urban development.
  • Set national standards on matters regarding sustainable use and development of land, safe, planned and improved human settlement.
  • Monitor and coordinate national lands, housing and human settlement development initiatives and policies as they apply to Local Governments.
  • Provide support supervision and technical back-stopping to Local Governments on matters regarding lands, housing and human settlement development.

Since land is an economic good of an increasing value, it plays a great role in the process of poverty reduction through wealth creation and hence uplifting the wellbeing of the people and the surrounding living organisms.

In any case sustainable land development obligate the developer to adhere with policies, laws and regulations regarding land as far as Rio summit agreement to biodiversity protection is concerned.